Without award


Marc Chivers, Burra Noost Project, Shetland: £476

Engaging younger volunteers in the production of a series of short videos based around the threat posed by climate change and Shetland’s disappearing maritime archaeology.


Eve Campbell, Achill Archaeological Field School, Ireland: £200
A community consultation event aimed at developing collaborative research questions for the 2019 season of fieldwork.

Richard Gilbert, University of Sheffield, working with Heeley City Farm: £300
An interactive re-enactment of the manor court at Tinsley, inviting attendees to suggest modern equivalents of the presentments and by-laws made by the court.


Alison Montgomery, Trent and Peak Archaeology: £478
A family-oriented activity and handling table in a library, taking post-medieval Nottingham’s archaeology out to the general public.


Sergio Escribano-Ruiz – University of the Basque Country: £310 
For costs of a summer school trip to see the construction works of a historical boat replica in a neighbouring town of Pasaia.  


Archaeology Scotland: £500
A ‘taster’ dig for non-traditional heritage audiences as part of the Scottish Archaeology & Heritage Festival 2015.