Council Members

The Society for Post-Medieval Archaeology is governed by its Council, a group of elected Members who are directors of the company as well as trustees, and have ultimate responsibility for the management of the Society. 


Dr Hanna Steyne Chamberlin

Wessex Archaeology & University of Manchester.


Dr Tânia Manuel Casimiro

NOVA University of Lisbon


Dr Blessing Chidimuro

University of Reading


Eloise Kane

University of Bristol

Membership Secretary

Dr Lenore Thompson

University of Derby

Grants and Prizes Officer

Dr Erki Russow

Archaeological Research Collection of Tallinn University

Co-Editors of ‘Post-Medieval Archaeology

Lara Band

Freelance researcher

Dr Helen L Loney

School of Science and the Environment, University of Worcester

Assistant Editors of ‘Post-Medieval Archaeology

Dr Eric Tourigny
Grace Conium
Dr Gwilym Williams
Crystal Hollis

Book Reviews Editor

William Noah Todd

Editor of ‘Post-Medieval Archaeology in Britain and Ireland’ (excavation summaries)

Stephanie Ostrich

Social Media Editor

Monika Reppo

University of Tartu

Website Editor

Lara Band

Freelance Reseaercher

Monographs Editor

For questions regarding monographs

please contact the journal editors

Newsletter Editor

Dr Jamie Farrington

University of Manchester

EDI Coordinator

Marilieke Ernst

Ordinary Members of Council

Héloïg Barbel

Université Laval

Dr Alessandro Camiz

Department of Architecture, “Gabriele d’Annunzio” University of Chieti

Dr Kathryn Sampeck

University of Reading / Illinois State University

Dr Sanna Lipkin

University of Oulu

Dr Magdelena Naum

Lund University

Dr Katy Whitaker

Historic England