Post-Medieval Archaeology is a tri-annual international journal devoted to the study of the archaeology and heritage of the post-medieval period wherever it is found in the world. The journal has always fostered a multidisciplinary approach to the past, exploiting material, textual, iconographic and scientific evidence, and engaged in the latest theoretical debates. From its origins as a journal focussed tightly on Europe between the accession of the Tudors and the first industrial porcelain manufacture in England, Post-Medieval Archaeology has expanded its scope as its readers’ interests have expanded geographically and temporally to take the post-medieval period right up to the present day. Today, the journal welcomes contributions on everything from the medieval to post-medieval transition to the archaeology of the future, and from anywhere in the world where there is an interest in the ‘long’ last half millennium, whether building on established post-medieval archaeological themes or bringing new perspectives with potential to refigure the discipline.

The Editors of Post-Medieval Archaeology welcome original papers of national and international significance that match the aims and scope of the journal. The contents of the submission should be original work that has not been previously published nor submitted for publication elsewhere. All contributions are reviewed anonymously by independent referees. We also welcome shorter Notes, up to 3,000 words in length, on topics related to current research. We publish an annual review of post-medieval archaeology in Britain and Ireland, reporting on the considerable quantity of high quality fieldwork being undertaken throughout the British and Irish Isles. Please contact the editors directly for more information about submitting a paper to the journal.

It is a condition of publication that papers become the copyright of The Society for Post-Medieval Archaeology. Funding by grant is not a prerequisite for publication, but contributors presenting papers arising from developer-funded work and from nationally funded organizations in Britain will be asked to contribute to the page preparation and printing costs.

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Co-Editors: Cait Scott and Helen Loney

Assistant Editors: Laura McAtackney, Greig Parker, Gwilym Williams, Derwin Gregory, and Eric Tourigny