£740 – Katherine Watson (Swansea University), ‘Small-Scale Fisheries, Local Seafood and the Future of Fishing Heritage in South Wales’

£1400 – Megan Crutcher (Texas A&M University), ’The Kru/Krao Coast Heritage and Archaeology Initiatiative (KCHAI)

£775 – Piers Dixon (Peeblesshire Archaeological Society), ’Shootinglee Forest Stead Project’

£840 – Veronica Lee (University of York), ’Fish for the Wealthy: Pike Trade in the Baltic Sea Region (500–1700 AD)’

£1500 – Silvia Pizzinat (University of Edinburgh), for the project Witchcraft, women and violence in post-medieval Scotland: a bioarchaeological approach. 


£1500 – Silvia Pizzinat, Witchcraft, women and violence in post-medieval Scotland: a bioarchaeological approach“

£1000 – Niels Henrik Andreasen and Panagiota Pantzou, The Pantopoleion in Ano Gatzea – Establishment, operation and decline of a community shop in a Greek mountain village;

£500 – Sarah Breiter, Building Patterns as Environmental Landscapes in West Suffolk between 1450 and 1700;

£500 – Rachel Hopkins, Early Tudor Gardens and Their Design: What Did They Look Like, and Why?


£610 – Iva Stojević (ENS de Lyon), ’Printing resistance – Archaeology of media and cultural production during WW2 in Yugoslavia.’

£1250 – Piers Dixon (Peeblesshire Archaeological Society), ’Shootinglee Forest Stead Project.’

£1000 – Terence Christian (Department of History, Temple University), ’The fort Bedford – Rising Sun Tavern Archaeological Project.’

£960 – Ryan K McNutt (Georgia Southern University), ’Clydebank and the Confederacy: Blockade runners and globalization through material culture.’


£425 – Gylfi Helgason, Elin Osk Hreidarsdottir, Adolf Frioriksson (Institute of Archaeology, Iceland), ’The archaeology of death and multispecies history: Later-historical Gravestones and Cemeteries in Borgarfjorour, West-Iceland.’

£560 – Monika Reppo (University of Tartu),’The movement of skills and ideas – the role of migration in the production and consumption of glass in Estonia from the 17th to the early 18th century.’

£560 – Sara Teixeira Simões (University of Cambridge), ’Legacies of the slave trade in Cacheu, Guinea-Bissau: archaeological heritage and public memory.’

£616 – Eugene Costello (Stockholm University), ‘Feeding Capitalism and Facing its Consequences? Upland Pastoralism and Environmental Change in South-west Ireland, c.1400-1850.’


Sarah Ward (Dalian Maritime University, China). ‘Sino-Foreign Maritime Exchange in the Gulf of Thailand c. 1500-1800.’ £750

Letty ten Harkel (University of Oxford). ‘The archaeology of an endangered Late Ottoman productive landscape in Mount Lebanon.’ £750

Rui Gomes Coelho (Rutgers University). ‘Archaeology of Hospitality in Drežnica, Croatia,’ £610

Maurice Whitehead (Venerable English College, Rome). ‘Raglan Castle: in search of tunnels, recusants and medieval manuscripts.’ £500


Giles Dawkes (UCL/Archaeology South-East) ‘The lost fort of Castle Pinckney, South Carolina: From Revolution to Civil War.’ £1000

Joanna Brück & Gary Robinson (Universities of Bristol & Bangor) ‘The “university of revolution”: archaeological excavations at Frongoch internment camp, north Wales.’ £500

Eric Tourigny, University of Newcastle, Do all pets go to heaven? An archaeological survey of Britain’s pet cemeteries. £730

Victor Serrano, University of Leicester, The Archaeology of Mona Island Guano Miners. £770

Gylfi Helgason and Adolf Fridriksson, Institute of Archaeology, Iceland, The Significance of the Landscape Context of Icelandic Holy Wells in the Western Region, AD 1550-Present. £500


Karime Castillo, UCLA Cotsen Institute of Archaeology. Glass Production in New Spain: Technology Transfer and Adaptation. £850

Samantha Garwood and Courtenay-Elle Crichton-Turley, University of Sheffield. The application of 3D scanning technology on mould-blown lion mask stem goblets. £300

Attila Dézsi, University of Hamburg. Historical Archaeology at sites of protest: Critical and Community Archaeology at the “Free Republic of Wendland.” £900

Rachel Askew, University of Central Lancashire (UCLan). The Newark Civil War Project. £600


Idoia Grau Sologestoa, University of Sheffield ‘Investigating changes in animal husbandry between the late- and the post-medieval periods in the Basque Country through the analysis of faunal remains.’ £850

Irini Malliaros, University of Bournemouth ‘The search for origins: ICP analysis of pottery from a 16th century wreck.’ £655

Hanna Steyne Chamberlin, University of Manchester ‘A River Runs Through It: Enhancing our understanding of 19th century London through an examination of the city’s riverine archaeology.’ £730

Madeline Kearin, Anthropology Department, Brown University ‘The Material and Symbolic Production of Insanity at the Royal Edinburgh Asylum, 1813—1900.’ £770


Matt Edgeworth, University of Leicester in collaboration with the Dulverton Weir and Leat Conservation Group (DWLCG) ‘Mapping the Urban Watermill Landscape in Dulverton, Exmoor, West Somerset.’ £750

Katherine Fennelly, University of Sheffield, ‘ The Lawn Asylum and the transformation of nineteenth-century Lincoln’ £467

Layla Renshaw (Kingston University): £430
The Recovery and Commemoration of War Dead from Post-colonial and Post-imperial Contexts.

Terence Christian (Centre for Battlefield Archaeology, University of Glasgow): £720
St Kilda at War: mapping the unexplored Second World War sites of the St Kilda Archipelago.

Sean Doherty (University of York): £350
Identifying the impact of climatic fluctuations on animal husbandry and the introduction of new fodder crops through the isotopic analysis of parchment collagen


Sarah Newstead (University of Leicester) and Tânia Casimiro (Universidade Nova de Lisbo): £900
Portuguese Coarseware in Post-Medieval North Atlantic Trade 
Collection of ceramic samples from key UK sites and documentary research

Craig Smeaton (University of St Andrews): £600
A Geochemical Account of Post-Medieval Mining on the West Coast of Scotland 
ITRAX analysis of sediment cores

Hannah Cobb (University of Manchester): £1100
The Ardnamurchan Transitions Project
Supporting post-excavation analysis of material from an 18th– to 19th-century Highland settlement site within a multi-period landscape project.

Michael Nevell (University of Salford and South Trafford Archaeology Group): £400
The Warburton Archaeology Survey
Supporting publication costs for a popular book on the archaeology of Warburton.


Ceri Houlbrook (University of Manchester): £500
Excavation and Interpretation of the Ardmaddy Wishing-Tree
A test-pitting project around the base of the Ardmaddy coin tree; oral history research and public dissemination of an HLF-funded archaeological project.

Paul Mason (Durham University): £200
The Early English Factories of South-West India: the socio-economic and cultural context of Anglo-Indian trade in the 17th century
Publication and image reproduction fees for an archaeological project at the Courteen Association/East India Company factory site at Karwar, Karnataka, funded by the Indian National Trust (INTACH UK).

Karen Milek (St Mary’s University, Aberdeen): £800
Geoarchaeological approaches to the Age of Improvement: living conditions in turf houses in 18th- and 19th-century Iceland
Manufacture of soil this sections from house-floor deposits for micromorphological analysis

Paul Marsden (Durham University): £200
Field survey of the Courteen Association/East India Company factory site at Karwar, Karnataka and the socio-economic and cultural context of Anglo-Indian trade in the 17th century 

Craig Cessford (Cambridge Archaeological Unit): £1000
Finds specialist research on a late 18th-century Cambridge Coffee-house assemblage

Alberto Marti (University of Nottingham): £500
An archaeology of counter-insurgency: exploring the materiality and memory of Cuban reconcentration camps (1896-1898)


Susie McGraw (Heritage and Outreach Officer, The Sir John More Foundation): £1200
18th and 19th century school graffiti at the Sir John More School, Leicestershire.
Primary recording of graffiti and archival research.

James Dixon (University of Bristol) and Kate Laidlaw (National Trust): £300
Watercatch Field, Tyntesfield WWII camp.
Production of digital maps and figures.

Sarah Newstead (University of Leicester): £400
Centre for Historical Archaeology PhD conference: Rural life in an urban/industrial world.

Ruth Young (University of Leicester): £1380
Oil, aspiration and compulsion in Oman: an historical archaeology of the abandoned mudbrick villages of Oman.


Krish Seetah (University of Central Lancashire): £1000
Bones of contention: diet, culture and economics at the ‘dawn of civilisation’
Zooarchaeological research in the Canaries

Kevin Grant (University of Glasgow): £250
Inhabiting the physical and cultural landscape of 18th-century highland Scotland

Sarah Newstead (University of Leicester): £250
The Postgraduate Conference in Historical Archaeology 2011, Centre for Historical Archaeology, University of Leicester