Undergraduate Prizes

2023: Olivia Power-Jones, University of Aberdeen, ‘Facets of the past: investigation of enamel wear from the Medieval St. Nicholas Kirk human remains assemblage’

2022: Maria Cunningham, UCL, More Than Concrete: Investigating the preservation of WWII coastal defences on the south-east coast of England (UCL IoA). Supervisors: Gabe Moshenka and Bill Sillar

2021: Annabelle Hill, University of York, ‘Politeness and the city: The Social and Architectural development of York Assembly Rooms, 1730-1950.‘

2020: Franciska Mátéová, University of Glasgow, ‘Isle of Arran: Gypsy Travellers explored through contemporary cave use.’

2019 Melissa McCready-Shaw, Queens University Belfast, ‘Who were the seventeenth-century ceramists of the Killyneese settlement?‘

2018 Lucy Godridge, Durham University, ‘Influencing the unseen: ritual and apotropaic material culture from the medieval and early modern period in Northernmost England.‘

2017 Kevin Claxton, University of York, ‘The Archaeology of an English Civil War Battlefield.‘

2016 Kate Wilson, University of Cambridge, ‘Seeing through the stone: an analysis of gender relations in Bokoni, South Africa.‘

2015 Bethan Boulter, University of Leicester, ‘Something to sink your teeth into: Sex estimation of a 19th Century Coventry population using a predetermined odontometrical technique.‘

2014 Zane Stepka, University of Glasgow, ‘Tracing the dung: Testing the microachaeological ability to identify animal husbandry spaces at an abandoned homestead Ķieģeļnīca, Latvia.’

2009 Emma Bonthorne, Bournemouth University , ‘An assessment of methodologies and standards followed in the location, recovery and analysis of Spanish Civil War remains in the Basque Country’.

2010 Susie McGraw, University of Leicester, ‘The Archaeology of School Life and Social Knowledge at the Sir John Moore Foundation.’

2011 Garth Walpole, Bangor University, ‘The search for, and analysis of, the relics of the Franklin Expedition, 1848-1880.‘ 

2012 Lindsay J Fricker, University of Manchester, ‘Path, Pots and People: Investigating Human Movement in a (Post)-Industrial landscape.‘ 

2013 Thomas Durbin, Cardiff University, ‘City of Sinners? An Archaeological Study of Port Royal, Jamaica.‘

Postgraduate Prizes

2022 Claire Elizabeth Moore, University of Sheffield
‘Protest, Presence and Promotion: Capturing the contrasting conversations expressed through graffiti stickers and how they contribute to defining a subcultural community in a Sheffield Street

2021 Josephine Sweeney, UCL Institute of Archaeology
Approaching Asbestos as Heritage

2020 Rowan Patel, University of York
Cheshire Glasshouse Sites: An Investigation of the County’s Forest Glass Industry

2019 Janine Buckley, University of York
Whispers from the Stalls’ An Archaeological Investigation of Country House Stables

2018: Ben Wigley, University of Sheffield
An Evaluation of Ancestral Diversity in 19th Century South Shields

2017: Georgia Foy, University of York
Forgotten Heritage: Barracks, and the Officers’ Quarters at Tilbury Fort

2016: Caitlin Kitchener, University of York
The radical landscapes of Peterloo – an archaeological analysis of the construction of radical political space

2015: Andrew Peters, University of Lampeter
An investigation into the treescape of Hafod Uchtryd using targeted dendrochronology

2014: Amber Kimber, University College London
An epidemiological study of juvenile idiopathic arthritis in paediatric patients at the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children from 1865-1913

2013: Callum Reilly, University of York
Picturing the Poor: The visual construction of rural poverty in the Shenandoah Valley.

2012: Karime Castillo Cárdenas, University College London
Post-Medieval Pharmaceutical Glass in London: A Chronological Typology

2011: Fiona Fyfe, University of Leicester
From Factory to Flowers: Investigating the Transfer of Industrial Heating Technology to Country House Gardens c.1650-1900 at Calke Abbey, Derbyshire

2010: Ralph Mills, University of Leicester
Miniatures in historical archaeology: toys, trifles and trinkets re-examined

2009: Matthew Jenkins, University of York
People in Place: Housing in Micklegate, York during the 18th century