From its beginning in 1966, annual excavation summaries have formed an integral part of reporting by the Society. Accompanied by an index of period-based keywords, these brief reports have provided a resource for both researchers in the field and the general public. Today, many hundreds of summaries are submitted each year by archaeological contractors, local governmental bodies and universities. From 2007, the Society introduced a new searchable digital database for these reviews. Hosted by the Archaeology Data Service (ADS) as a ‘Special Collections’ feature of Archsearch, the new database provides access to a wide range of data and unpublished reports through links with the OASIS system. In time, we hope to enter also the backlog of previously published round-ups, making Post-Medieval Fieldwork in Britain and Northern Ireland a truly excellent period-based resource.

From 2014 the extent of our excavation summaries expanded to include all of Ireland. Henceforth, Post-Medieval Fieldwork in Britain and Ireland will encompass its own paper and electronic publication. This change will mean there are three editions of Post Medieval Archaeology published every calendar year.

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