EDI Statement

The SPMA is committed to providing a network of solidarity among those engaged in the archaeology of the post-medieval world up to the present. We advocate an antiracist, anti-sexist, anti-discriminatory archaeology through our activities, membership and outputs. This means raising awareness of and confronting the ongoing structural inequalities of the modern world as they are reflected and reproduced in our discipline and through our institutions. This includes SPMA. As a Society we are committed to identifying and removing barriers to participation where possible, and to taking positive steps to encourage participation and widen engagement. This means:

  • Regularly scrutinising our own processes, activities, and roles to make them inclusive and transparent.
  • A commitment to support those who are traditionally underrepresented in archaeology. We will provide opportunities for engagement and resources for Black, Asian, Indigenous, and other people of colour; LGBTQI+;  differently abled archaeologists; non-native English speakers; first-generation scholars; those with caring responsibilities and care leavers; archaeologists from working class and other economically disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Ensuring a positive, safe, and harassment-free experience when participating in SPMA activities, in person or virtually.

Being mindful of our responsibilities as the leading professional society in the United Kingdom and Europe for the archaeology of the modern world from AD 1500 to the present, and in our capacities as a small and volunteer-run organisation, we aim to positively inspire and change ourselves, our members, and those who participate in our activities.